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Prior to 1883: Robert Greenerd invents and patents the Arbor Press, but does not manufacture them.

Greenerd Location

1883: Edwin Bartlett buys Robert Greenerd's patents. He worked with MIT to develop a full line, from 1/4 Ton to 30 Tons. He starts manufacturing Arbor Presses in Boston, Massachusetts.

1903: Bartlett relocates 30 miles north to Nashua, New Hampshire, due to increasing production demands. The original building was enlarged several times, most recently to add a large assembly bay equipped with a 30 Ton bridge crane.

1934: Greenerd builds its first hydraulic press.

1962: Greenerd changes its name from Greenerd Arbor Press Company to Greenerd Press & Machine Company, Inc. as the second family or ownership takes the reigns.

1970: Greenerd begins using welding to fabricate frames instead of using castings, which allows them to offer custom sizes.

1985: Greenerd designs and builds our first compression molding (SMC) press.

1992: Developed first industry Touch Screen Control

2002: Introduced remote communication for data acquisition, SPC, and trouble-shooting

2006: Greenerd develops an alliance with Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd., the first and largest hydraulic press builder in China, to expand the current Greenerd product range considerably to product capability beyond 10,000 tons, bed sizes exceeding 240" (6100 mm), and styles ranging from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses.

2008: Greenerd introduced PressPort which allows customers to obtain a real-time status of their press operations via an Ethernet connection over a secure VPN network, and also receive status / alarm notifications on their Internet- enabled device such as a cellular phone, smart phone or PC.

Present: In a time of rapid technological changes, Greenerd's practical press designs lead the industry, but Greenerd's philosophy remains unchanged: "Greenerd Built" means built for performance, and built to last.