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Showroom - 100 Ton Capacity Shaft Straightening Press

100 Ton Capacity Shaft Straightening Press

Press Specifications:

Tons of Ram Force adjustable from 5 to 100
Table Dimensions 160" L-R x 20" F-B
Throat 13"
Daylight (maximum open distance) 38"
Stroke adjustable from 1" to maximum 20"
Floor to Table 36"
Clearance between ribs under press bolster (table) 9"
Press Size 160" L-R x654" F-B x 138" Tall
Guiding System Ram Link
Pump Capacity 27 GPM & 3 GPM
Cylinder Bore 10"
Ram Diameter 7"
Ram Speed:  Close, inches per minute 180
Ram Speed:  Press, inches per minute 9
Ram Speed:  Open, inches per minute 173
Maximum System Pressure 2801
Motor 10 HP, 1,800 RPM
Weight, approximate lbs 20,000

100 Ton Capacity Shaft Straightening Press


Shaft Straightening. The press was produced to straighten Gun Barrels for the Navy. The Gun Barrels required being straightened to prepare them for further machining.

The press was supplied with Dial Indicators, V-Blocks, Adjustable Height Anvils, and a Joystick control for controlling both pressure and depth on the Main Ram. This press also had a small Touchscreen that allowed the operator to dial in a depth for the depth control. Depth control was +/- 0.001" of an Inch.


  • Electronic "Joystick" Ram Control: Joystick provides control of ram travel and ram force. Free hand must actuate and hold a palm button for joystick to be activated, per OSHA Regulations. Pushing the joystick forward starts downward movement of the ram. A separate limiting control can be adjusted to pre-set a maximum force available at the ram. Release of either the joystick or the palm button returns the ram to its up limit position.
  • Accessories: The following accessories were included with the straightening press:
    • Traveling anvil with measuring bracket, quantity 2.
    • Two dial indicators, shock proof, calibrated in 0.0005-in. or 0.01-mm
    • Straightening punch for ram.
    • Straightening anvils, traveling, and quantity 2.
    • Steel inserts for straightening punch and anvil blocks, quantity 5.
    • Rolling Carriage Center supports and live centers for straightening attachment.
    • Morse Taper 4 for live centers, quantity 2.
    • Springs for straightening carriages – up to 220 lbs maximum weight of work piece/pair.

100 Ton Capacity Shaft Straightening Press

100 Ton Capacity Shaft Straightening Press