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Model Number: No. 3CM , - 3-Ton, Column Mounted

Column mounted arbor press

Nashua NH. Greenerd offers a 3-ton column mounted Arbor Press. Both the Head and the Knee can be mounted with 4 bolts to any structural column or sturdy machine.

Users can determine the best daylight (distance between Head and Knee) for their applications, or can drill additional mounting holes for more mounting flexibility.

The throat depth is 5 ½ ", the table is 8’ X 7 ¼ ", and the removable Plate has 4 u-slots, from ¾ " wide to 1 ¾ " wide. Throat depth can be increased by mounting spacer plates behind the Head and Knee.

Operation can be by straight lever (shown in photo), lever-ratchet, or pilot wheel which provides rapid ram travel.

Greenerd has manufactured quality Arbor Presses in the US since 1883, and now offers 46 models from ¼ ton to 7 tons. Today, customers can find product information and make secure on-line purchases through Greenerd’s web site.

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