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Foundry & Casting

Casting Trim Presses

Automate Your Finishing Room. Most foundries have already automated their melting and pouring processes. Yet, finishing - one of the simplest processes in the foundry - remains one of the most labor intensive.  Using today's advanced technology, Greenerd produces trim press systems from a simple manually loaded press to complete fully automated systems for trimming, testing, inspecting, and serialized production documentation.

Reduction in Set-up Time

Distorted Castings Are Straightened on a Press. The investment casting process involves pouring red-hot molten metal into specially prepared molds.  Once the metal has cooled and hardened, the molds are broken away by hand and the cast parts undergo a series of processes to remove any ceramic scale and create a final finish.  The high temperatures involved in the manufacturing process and minor variations in the mass or shape of the metal can cause casting to distort or warp as they cool.