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Showroom - Automotive

Applications Notes:

Greenerd recently shipped two large bed 150-ton capacity hydraulic presses for Pinch Trimming of automotive acoustical panels and carpeting.

Customer is a Japanese transplant in Ohio and the tooling will be supplied from Japan.

Press Features:

These presses had 110" x 60" beds and platens. Presses had Closed Loop Pressure and Distance controls. Presses were also outfitted with Auxiliary hydraulic manifold and valves to operate some cylinders within each tool. We also supplied a Pneumatic manifold and valves. All functions of the presses are programmable through the Greenerd Press & Machine Touchscreen control.

Daylight - 72"
Stroke - Adjustable to 56"
Footprint L x W x H - 196" x 118" x 234"
Approximate Weight - 68,000 lbs.
A Maintenance Platform around top of press with Ships Ladder access was also supplied.
Low Oil Level / High Oil Temperature / Contaminated Oil Filter Fault Indicators supplied.
Complete Light Curtain and perimeter guarding with Interlocks to press control was also supplied.
Safety Ram Locks provided and interlocked to press control.

A Serapid Quick Die Change system was installed on both presses. Heavy Duty Die Lift Rails were mounted in the bed of each press and four hydraulic lever clamps were provided on both beds and Moving platens for clamping the tooling.