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Stamping Battery Substrates

Stamping Battery Substrates


Force Adjustable 2 to 10 tons
Work Area: Left to Right between posts 18"
Work Area: Front to Back overall 20"
Overall width, left to right 36"
Overall height Approximately 96"
Column diameter 2.0"
Clearance between columns front to back 14"
Daylight = Maximum Open Distance 18"
Note: “Shut Height” = Daylight Less Maximum Stroke
Stroke Adjustable to maximum
Cylinder Bore Diameter 3.25"
Ram Diameter 2"
Bed to floor height 34"
Motor Capacity 5 HP, 1800 RPM
Pump capacity 12 & 3 GPM
Hydraulic System Double Pump
Reservoir Capacity 33 Gallons Minimum
Maximum System Pressure 2410 PSI
Ram Speed:     Close, inches per minute in run (or auto) mode 418
                       Press, inches per minute in run (or auto) mode 84
                       Open, inches per minute in run (or auto) mode 672

Application Information:

This press is being used by a Battery Manufacturer to stamp out substrates for the battery electrodes.  Greenerd integrated a CWP Feed.  Feed unit is set to run a 4” long feed upon receiving a signal from the press on the upstroke of the press ram.  The Touchscreen allows the operator/setup person to program in the height at which the punch will clear the lower die allowing for the feed to actuate before the ram returns to the top stop.  This way as soon as we receive a feed complete signal, the main ram immediately reverses and comes down to stamp out the part.  Running a 5/8” stroke on the press and a 4” feed from the feed allowed us to achieve 80 Strokes Per Minute.  


Touchscreen – Full 10” Allen-Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 Touchscreen for setting all press and feed parameters.  The Touchscreen allows for one stop programming for job setup along with the capacity to store each job individually.  Up to 70-program storage standard, however, this capacity can be increased per customer request.

Stamping Battery Substrates
Light Curtain with Mirrors
– On this application, it was difficult to get the guarding where required.  Upon discussions with the customer, we decided on using a Light Curtain with Stand-alone Mirrors.  You will notice them mounted on the Black Uprights that will be secured to the floor in the customer plant during installation.  This allowed the work zone to be free from brackets for the mirrors.